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We live in a VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, change and ambiguity. When these fill our days we need to be even clearer about who we are as individuals, what we stand for and how we influence those around us in positive ways.

To thrive in this shifting context, we need to connect with each other in meaningful ways and engage in quality dialogue that helps us all perform optimally. At Roar People we specialise in evidence based leadership development solutions to bring this to life – to ignite your uniqueness and lead from any position.

Can Leadership can be Learnt?

Over the past two decade’s research has confirmed what many of us always knew to be true – some leaders are born but most learn, develop and hone their capacity to lead over their lifetimes.

Leadership growth is a formation process that everyone can go through and it can be learnt, it can be developed and it can be unleashed. Based on emerging research on the importance of each individual’s leader identity, leadership itself ultimately is a choice. This choice is not based on positional power or hierarchical level but on choosing to have a positive influence on others.

Leadership growth is about positively harnessing strengths and building each person’s psychological capacity for leading. It is about creating environments where the organisational system itself supports and sustains leadership. It is about deepening individual and collective understanding of what it means to lead and challenging outdated hierarchical leadership norms.

Leadership development without organisational infrastructure and stakeholder drive is bound to fail. Changing the cultural norms of a workplace is hard to do and it takes extended timeframes, deliberate action and a multidisciplinary approach. Leadership development as one element in a systemic approach to leadership growth recognises the importance of context, history and process. Working in collaboration with existing organisational resources to deepen the conversation necessary to enable leadership growth is a key success factor.

Leader Identity Program

Having a clear and consistent leadership identity is fundamental to career success, longevity and resilience.


Executive Coaching

Available to both individuals and organisations, Executive Coaching is a powerful activity for making positive change in your professional life and career.


Leadership Speaker

If you need a speaker who will challenge outdated norms about leadership, encourage people to redefine leadership on their own terms and step into their own leader potential we can help.


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