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Empowering Leadership At Every Level ™

Roar People run Leadership Identity Programs Roar People run Leadership Identity Programs

Wherever you may be in the landscape of work, at the top of the mountain or in the foothills, we partner with you to realise your unique leader identity and ignite your workplace with leadership at every level.

Leadership Programs

Roar Purpose

We build confident, inclusive leaders committed to bringing positive outcomes to the world.

Roar Why

All voices matter when it comes to leading. It’s time to change the conversation globally about leadership. Roar People constructively challenge old mindsets of leadership, equally respecting the other and recognising the ‘other’ as another leader. We help individuals and teams shift perspectives and engage in conversations that lift towards a shared, equally respected culture where leaders everywhere are free to speak up and all diverse voices are valued.

Roar Know-How

We enable individuals to gain clarity through leader identity and self-belief through reflection. Our programs are evidence-based, thought leadership approaches for self, team and organisations:

  1. Executive Coaching and Team Coaching
    Co-creating possibilities
  2. ‘Leader Identity’ Leadership Programs
    Recognising the leader within
  3. Reflective Positivity® Programs
    Activating leader self-belief and results

Roar Experience

With more than 20 years partnering with global clients we can connect you to Roar clients who are happy to share their Roar growth journey with you. Just ask!

We nurture your authenticity so you bring more of yourself to work.

Authentic individuals have a deep sense of self, and are clear about their values, principles and beliefs. They are transparent about their decision making and they share their thoughts openly with others. It's this consistency that creates safety and trust in the people around them.

Meet the Team

Clients we work with

21st Century Fox
Ariel Group
Australian Unity
FEW Financial Executive Women
Institute Of Coaching
Kimberly Clark
Moet Hennessy
Paramount Pictures
Southern Cross Care
SunRice Group
Sydney Business School

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