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Practical evidence based

leadership strategies

for self, team and organisations

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Empowering Leadership At Every Level

Roar People run Leadership Identity Programs

Wherever you may be in the landscape of work, at the top of the mountain or in the foothills, we partner with you to realise your unique leader identity and ignite your workplace with leadership at every level.

> Leadership Growth

Leadership ID Program

Could you write this about yourself as a leader?

From one of our clients: “As a leader, my purpose is to passionately inspire others to achieve their personal best and make important things happen. I lead by professional example and demonstrate fairness, integrity, energy, determination and commitment to continuous learning. You will see me recognising and encouraging values-driven behaviours; finding solutions, not problems and connecting you with the right people.” Alexandratou EY.

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Leader Identity Book ($39.95)

A guide to harness your unique leadership potential.

This book will step you through building your own leader identity. At its heart is the idea that every person has the potential to lead, including you, by drawing on your personal attributes, values, and life experiences. This book will step you through building your own leader identity.

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Leader Identity Self Assessment

A research-based online self-assessment survey.

The survey will help you identify the degree to which leadership is a part of your identity (your sense of self). It is based on an array of research (including our own) which confirms that having a clear sense of yourself as a leader and how you choose to define leadership is linked to your success, resilience and career longevity.

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Executive Coaching

Strengthen your Leader Identity with one-to-one support.

Whilst we are passionate about leadership and your leader identity, we are just as passionate about helping you excel in your career. Our Executive Coaching expertise is decades long which means we are expert at swiftly identifying your potential derailers and just as efficient at helping your strengthen your enablers. As coaches we are courageous, informed, strategic, challenging and supportive and we have your best interests at heart.

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Leading Authentically

Nurturing your authenticity fundamentally means bringing more of yourself to work. Authentic individuals have a deep sense of self, and are clear about their values, principles and beliefs. They are transparent about their decision making and they share their thoughts openly with others. It's this consistency that creates safety and trust in the people around them.


Clients we work with

21st Century Fox
Ariel Group
Australian Unity
FEW Financial Executive Women
Institute Of Coaching
Kimberly Clark
Moet Hennessy
Paramount Pictures
Southern Cross Care
SunRice Group
Sydney Business School


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