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Many organisations are not equipped to help their people navigate important life and career transitions. That is why at Roar People we have been working with select, forward-thinking organisations in supporting their people's transitions. These organisations have recognised the need for providing professional development support for their people as they undertake various career and life transitions.

One-on-One Transition Program

Underpinned by our proprietary Leadership ID approach and positively harnessing strengths through change.


Online Transition Program

Designed to target core development areas and equip participants with insights and new perspectives to manage their transition well.


Transitions take time

Transitions do not end when the new job has started or on the first return to work day. Transitions are a time of subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, upheaval. They can be a time that challenges world views and behaviours, that requires reconnecting with previous selves and often, coming to terms with new realities.

We have learnt over years of this experience that no two transitions are alike. The depth of each of our client's uniqueness is extraordinary and wonderful and our tailored approaches ensure that they are supported and challenged to make the most of their transition time - whether that is accelerating their career growth, creating space for additional life priorities or establishing their own success routines.

Client Feedback

"The Roar program provides participants the opportunity to be guided through the psychological transition from being a stay at home parent to re-entering the workforce. The program not only looks at the psychological transition but also helps focus on the actions the individual can take to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible."
Ernst & Young

"Through Roar People I learnt to be more aware of my presence. I learnt to embrace and love my strengths as strengths (without the corresponding weaknesses) and to let loose my inner entrepreneur."

"With Roar People I had a great counsellor who challenged my thinking and was flexible with the timing for our sessions. I was initially sceptical about the program; however my Coach confirmed a number of my early thinking and preparation for my return to work as well as guide me through elements of my career development."
Ernst & Young

"First of all thanks for your support over the last 6 months. I have found the program very beneficial. I believe it assisted my new recruit and I in quickly building a trusting working relationship. Personally, I found the sessions beneficial as they fostered my understanding about the psychological process involved in the first six months of having a new team member whilst effectively balancing their needs with the needs of the business within various constraints or limited resources. I also benefited from the modules on how to build and sustain a successful team and considering variables that play a role towards this."
Paramount Pictures Australia

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