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  • Leadership ID Online Self-Assessment

    Leadership ID Online Self-Assessment


    The Leadership Identity self-assessment is a research based online survey that will help you identify the degree to which leadership is a part of your identity (your sense of self). It is based on an array of research (including our own) which confirms that having a clear sense of yourself as a leader and how you choose to define leadership is linked to your success, resilience and career longevity. With this important perspective in mind, the survey will provide you with a development roadmap to help you to understand what personal strategies you can focus on to strengthen this aspect of who you are. It includes both internal development strategies and strengthening enablers in your environment. The survey will also help you to identify whether you may be facing any obstacles (what we call derailers) in your leadership journey and comes with suggestions or thought starters for managing these.


    1. By paying $108 AUD (+ GST) you will receive your Leadership Identity survey email invitation.
    2. Once we have received your payment we will email you a link within 48 hours to complete your survey.
    3. Once you have completed the survey, your results are available to download immediately in a written report.
    4. You can see a preview of a sample leadership identity self assessment report by here.


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