Leader Identity Accreditation

Empowering Leadership At Every Level ™

If we are truly going to realise leadership at every level, we need to empower organisations to sustain their leadership initiatives over the long term. This means equipping them with the skills and knowledge to drive a culture of leadership and accountability, without having to rely on external providers to deliver their programs (no matter how brilliant these providers may be!)

To achieve this aim, we partner with select organisations to build their internal leadership capability and to scale the program based on their own needs. We do this by accrediting seasoned facilitator/coaches within the organisation in our proprietary Leadership ID program.

Our accreditation program has been completed by a number of internal, highly experienced facilitators, each working in multinational organisations. Their investment in accreditation has allowed them to rollout the program internally and integrate the program into their existing frameworks, complementing and deepening the impact of their leadership approach. Accreditation has allowed these clients to tailor the program, gain greater momentum in building a leadership mindset throughout their organisation and to realise wonderful engagement and productivity gains.

Accreditation is available to experienced facilitator/coaches. To find out how we may be able to assist your organisation in building a leadership growth mindset, contact us and have a conversation today.


Clients we work with

21st Century Fox
Ariel Group
Australian Unity
FEW Financial Executive Women
Institute Of Coaching
Kimberly Clark
Moet Hennessy
Paramount Pictures
Southern Cross Care
SunRice Group
Sydney Business School


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