Leader Identity: Virtual Program

Who: Leaders at any level and Individual Contributors

When: Four Live Virtual Modules conducted every 2 weeks from June 15 – July 27 (U.S. Dates). Download the brochure for details.

Where: Virtual Zoom

Price: USD $4400 per participant
(This program only)

Price includes: Leader Identity Self Assessment Report, Strength Profile, Pre and Post Program 1-1 Executive Coaching, Workbook, all Program Materials + 8-Module Online Embedding Program.

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Our virtual program provides compelling insights into Leader Identity and answers “why” your unique leadership potential is in demand. Participants will be empowered to lead from any position!

Unleash your Leader Potential

Have you ever asked: “Who am I as a leader?”

The latest research shows that one’s leader identity is a critical component in leadership growth and effectiveness. Individuals who have greater awareness and ownership of their unique leader identity realize positive impacts on their leader effectiveness, career longevity and role promotion. Most importantly in todays’ world, these individuals show an accelerated adoption of specific leadership competencies including valuing diversity, challenging the status quo and commitment to leadership action. In other words, individuals who take the time to discover and strengthen their leader identity are more motivated and more effective than those who do not.

By developing and strengthening one’s leader identity, leader effectiveness and self-belief is enhanced. As a recent participant stated: “When you view yourself through a leader identity lens – 'yes I am a leader and my voice matters' – the world looks different. It looks like someplace you can find success and accomplish your dreams”.

In fact, the latest research points to the fact that one’s leader identity is a potent force in leadership. Our program is grounded in this latest research and more information can be found by downloading our latest published article in an academic peer reviewed journal. If you are ready to discover and strengthen your unique leader identity, register below.


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